Friday, 1 June 2012

Intensive 4 day Jewellery Skills Course

Intensive 4 day Jewellery Skills Course - £200 to include materials
7th, 8th, 14th & 15th July,  2012     

This course is suitable for complete beginners and those who wish to get a head start in conventional jewellery making and don't have the time to commit to a long term course. 
During the course we will be teaching traditional metal working skills such as sawing, soldering, drilling, texturing, wire work, filing, doming, chain making, sanding, polishing and patination techniques for surface colour and texture.
All tools and equipment will be available for students use and comprehensive notes on techniques covered will be provided. Using the skills that they have learnt, students will be encouraged to design and produce a piece of work using silver sheet and a semi- precious stone. The cost of the course includes consumables, such as saw blades, copper, solder , emery papers, a prescribed amount of 925 sterling silver and a semi-precious stone.   At the end of the course, students will have an understanding of conventional jewellery making techniques and be confident in carrying out a number of technical processes including use of motorised machinery and equipment. For those who wish to continue jewellery making the studio is open every Monday morning and Wednesday for advice and full use of tools and equipment for just £10 per session.

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Friday, 24 February 2012

New tutors and classes at Touchmark studios

Hi everyone, I am really excited!  We have two new tutors coming to Touchmark Studios.  Steve Saliba, who is a working jeweller and really experienced  is coming in September to run a 2 day course on traditional methods of stone setting.  Steve is really talented and I can't wait to do this workshop.  He will be teaching different methods to set unusual shaped stones and sharing all his tips and tricks that you won't find in the textbooks.

Clare Hall is coming in June to run a 1 day class on fusing glass. I have always wanted to know how to fuse glass properly and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and creating a stock of diochroics for people to set into metal clay on the stone setting classes.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Touchmark Studios Courses for 2012

Here are the latest courses running at Touchmark Studios. More dates will be added and mailed out as they are confirmed. If you are interested in attending our Introduction to Metal Clay course, this course runs every month.  Click here to see the scheduled dates. To book a course please contact us.  Payment will be required to secure your place. 

Please see the booking form for terms and conditions.

Don't forget our open studio sessions; on Monday mornings from 10 to 1pm and Wednesdays from 10 - 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. At only £10 per session for use of the studio and tools and equipment in a supervised environment it is great value for money! 
Pre- booking is essential to guarantee a bench.

To attend intermediate courses, students must have a working knowledge of metal clay and/or have attended the Introductory Metal Clay course. All course prices include materials
Ring Making Course – 1 day course £85
Friday 17th February
Saturday 24th March
Stone Setting Techniques – 1 day course £90
Friday 13th April
Advanced Metal Clay Techniques – 2 day course £225
Working with metal clay sheet and syringe,Working with Base Metal Clays – bronze/copper, Application of gold (keumbo technique), Stone Setting techniques, Hollow forms, (bead making)
Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March
Intensive Jewellery Skills – 4 day course £200
April/May Course:
Saturday 28th April, Sunday 29th April, Saturday 5th May, Sunday 6th May
July Course:
Saturday 7th July, Sunday 8th July, Saturday 14th July, Saturday 15th July
Enamelling – 2 day course - Day 1 £85 both days £160
Saturday 19th May, Sunday 20th May
Introduction to Resins – 1 day course £75
Saturday 2nd June
Casting Resins and Mould Making – 2 day course £150
Saturday 8th September, Sunday 9th September

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Challenge Results!

Well here they are!  I was a little surprised to get some others joining in as I didn't advertise it well did I?  Did have fun doing it, hope the others did to, mind you I did bully them into joining in! ;)  It was sufficient fun to ensure I shall extend the challenge again!

First is a brooch made from reticulated silver and bronze. I believe the reticulation ended in a hole that wasn't wanted and the bronze is from a remnant of Bronze Paste.  It is smashing!

 Second we have a pendant made from Sterling Silver, again reticulation is used. This piece was brought about by reticulating the wrong thickness of silver and odds bit left when cutting to size.

 This pendant is made from left over snake chain, Sterling Silver and Brass... really unusual and a great use of those little bits of chain!

 Here a pendant is made from 'offcuts' of Sterling silver, Matt and Reticulated.  The tube and gems used are new but still a good use of 'scrap'

This ring is made from some scrap copper from smelting quartz and bits cut from a copper leaf  that was made for another ring.  The cabochon is ready for setting

  Magnificent effort all!
Thank you for taking me up on my challenge ... I hope you enjoyed it and will join in the next one!

If this inspired you to 'have a go' it will have been worth it.  With the prices of metal these days we need to think about utilising what we have and making a piece of wearable jewellery from those pesky pieces is a good way to keep your costs down!  If you do decide to have a go please send me the photos I would love to see them... this time maybe we can see the before photos to?   

Friday, 20 January 2012

Show and Tell - Aluminium

I thought I would show you some work that came as a result of the workshop "Colouring Techniques for Anodised Aluminium with tutor Mandy Nash"  This was held last year and all those who participated had great fun.  Beverley really took to this medium and now makes some beautiful jewellery.  The colours are stunning! 

Beverley offers a full range which includes bangles, earrings and rings and you can find her work in Galleries in the South West of England. 

There will be another workshop soon.  During the workshop you'll learn how to colour the pre-anodised aluminium and then cut and shape it to create a piece of beautiful jewellery. No prior experience is necessary and all materials and equipment will be provided, however, if you have previous experience in jewellery making, you may benefit from bringing along your toolbox.   Sign up for the Touchmark Newsletter to be sure to get all the news on courses and workshops to be held in 2012!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Chris and I would like to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Now that all the 'fuss' is over we can turn our thoughts to our jewellery!  I have missed studio and my lovely friends tremendously.  I have tried going into my studio but my head isn't getting round creativity yet.  How is your mojo?  Did it get and go to?  What I need to decide is whether to finish one of the many projects I have started or start another?  I have decided though to challenge myself.  I have been through my scrap pot and have decided to make something from the pieces in there.  I is something I have done before and I can tell you it is very rewarding to make a piece of jewellery from scraps.  Do you fancy the challenge?  Message or email and let me know, we can make it a real challenge then! 
I can't wait for the 11th January.  That is when I shall be back at Touchmark but studio opens on Monday the 9th if you're not a Wednesday person.  It will be good to catch up with the others and we have some planning to do!  Apart from what to do next we will be making arrangements for a visit to the Jewellery Show at the NEC in Birmingham in February.  I haven't been to one at the NEC before so it is quite exciting, somewhere new to buy something new!  I have some money from Christmas presents to spend (will it last that long?) and I already have a list of things I really really need!  Decisions, decisions again!  Do you have any plans to visit the show?  Let us know and maybe we can meet for coffee if we are going on the same day. 

Well I have some work to do (even if I am still in my pj's!) Don't forget to tell us what you are up to, we do love to hear from you!