Sunday, 19 June 2011

More piccies from the Colouring Techniques for Anodised Aluminium !!!

We had a little incident... not much really but it meant I didn't have these photos to put on from the Anodising Aluminium course so here you go... the first is our beloved Chris (what a woman!)  the second is Mandy Nash herself and the jewellery is Mandy's.  Feast your eyes on these!  (P.S.  the man is Ian... lovely bloke ;) )

Lynn x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Colouring Techniques for Anodised Aluminium with tutor Mandy Nash

Hello all!  Lynn here to tell you about our Aluminium day with Mandy.  I have been so looking forward to it I can tell you... all those fabulous colours and effects you can and quite cheaply to!  We were a class of 8, including Chris  and each eager for the experience.  Mandy is a real pro ... her art work is fabulous and of a really high standard which is great in a tutor I think and really inspiring, check out her website , you won't be disappointed!  We went through the basics, you know the kind of thing, what metal is the right one and what colours we could use and then were allowed to play.  I just love to play so I was in my element!  Did you realise you can use permanent markers to colour with?  I didn't before I went but you can and it works so very well which of course means that most of us could begin quite cheaply... I have lots of different colours in my studio and have now worked out what I want to make... and I can without having to buy lots of fancy and expensive equipment!  Setting the colours is a doddle to... but I will let you go to a course to find out more ;)  I know Many runs them from here studio but you can also do one at Touchmark... just sign up for our newsletter here and we can let you know when the next one is... I look forward to seeing you there!  Oh and I should add that this week I lost my new laptop and my camera to (well not lost they both died) so the photos were taken by Micke on her mobile phone... not bad photos Micke, thanks!