Saturday, 30 April 2011

Chris at North Somerset Arts Week 2011

Hello all... it's Lynn here!  I actually managed to get hubby out of the house this afternoon and we went along to see Chris at her venue.Hubby did turn left instead of right though and we almost went paddling in the sea at Weston Super Mare!  Anyway we did get back on track and arrived at Wrington.  I have to tell you that the art trail is badly signposted and it took us forever to find the venue so I will give you a bit of help and give you a map to get there.... you just have to go, Chris's jewellery is as always fabulous and she does have a new range on show, just dreamy!!!  It is great to see it on show properly to, I usually get to see it in the studio whilst Chris is working on it. 

At the venue (67) with Chris is Harriet St Leger, jeweller and enameller, Ann Dale, photographer and Willa Ashworth, decorative and functional metalwork.  Harriets work is totally different to Chris's so you should find a piece to suit all tastes there.  Photography is something I cannot do so I am in awe of those who can.  The metalwork... well that was worth checking out and I fell in love with quite a few pieces and could really 'see' them in our garden!  After we have finished viewing we went to the Walled Garden for tea and cake.  I can thoroughly recommend it there, super tea served in proper teacups and cake to die for.  Hubby and I shared two cakes, one was Guinness but tasted like a dark chocolate cake and the other... well I didn't write it down so have forgotten but it sounded like Chiang... perhaps you know and can pass it on to me please, I loved the cake and would like to make one myself.  All the cakes are gluten free to!    All in all a really nice afternoon :D

Here is a Venue Map to help you find your way to Long Lane and here is more information on the North Somerset Arts

Friday, 29 April 2011

Hi guys - Chris here!

If you can, come and see me over the weekend or next week - would love to see you. I will be in Wrington at Prestow Studios Venue 67, just down from the Walled Gardens who do wonderful lunches and cakes! I will be there everyday except Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th May from 11 am to 6pm.

Find the website here
Hope you are enjoying the wedding! Have a good day


Sunday, 17 April 2011

North Somerset Arts

Me again!  Well Lynn that is!!!  I just wanted to let you know that Chris is working really hard to get her own things together for the North Somerset Arts Trail.  I promise that a visit will be well worth it as Chris does such beautiful work.. she is a real inspiration!!! I still have to work out what she is making, although if what I have 'sneeked' a peek at in the studio is anything to go by it is, as always, truly inspiring and I wish I could have some!!!  Take a look, I know Chris would love to see you.... maybe you can tell her I sent you! ;) here is link to guide you to Chris North Somerset Arts